Flaunt your Family's Mugs with this Stylish Tote
It's a fact that there is nothing in the world more adorable than our children - unless it is our grandchildren, of course. Wouldn't it be great if we could flaunt those precious mugs wherever we go without having to drag out the wallets and photo albums? Now you can, with this stylish tote bag that sports your favourite photo professionally printed on one side. This tote comes in a durable faux suede material that is perfect for carrying the worldly possessions that you simply cannot live without. You will have enough space for your favourite tube of lipstick, car keys, cell phone and even a spicy paperback to entertain you while you wait in line at the supermarket or have your locks done at your favourite hair salon.

And if the stylish tote wasn't enough, you can have a favourite photo printed on a matching fabric and attached to one side, displaying your favourite kids or pets for all the world to see. Picture a brown faux suede with the sad eyes of your dachshund staring out at you. Or a cream-colored bag with a lovely spring photo of your children. Let your imagination run wild to come up with the perfect personalized bag that you will be proud to take with you anywhere.

This tote is not only for doting moms either. Have you got a grandmother in your clan who just doesn't get to see the kiddies as often as she would like? Print those cherub-like faces on the side of one of these bags and give it to Grandma for Mother's Day or her birthday. Your grandmother is sure to be the hit of her next bridge club with a fancy tote bag like this one on her arm.

The process to order one of these bags is quite simple. Simply send in the photo of your choice with your order, select your colour of bag (we have brown or cream available), and wait until your personalized bag is sent to you with the photo securely printed on the side. If you wish to purchase this bag as a gift, you can follow the same process and have it sent directly to your recipient. What a pleasant surprise for Grandma to find in her mailbox! Give the gift that will be as useful as it is fun with a personalized tote bag for the favourite woman on your list.


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