How Do I Love Thee? Count the Ways Twelve Months every Year!
What is your idea of romance? Do you imagine you and your lover's name written in the stars? Carved into a tree trunk? Perhaps sprinkled into your latte? No matter which medium you would like to use to recognize and broadcast your love, this calendar will do the trick. With twelve seasonal photos that cleverly integrate your names into each one, you can declare your undying love all season long. This is an updated version of the original personalized romance calendar, with new and improved photos as well as some old favourites.

The concept is actually quite simple. You choose how you want your names to read throughout the calendar. You can go with first names only, full names or nicknames if you want to see "Pooky plus Hot Lips" plastered on your office calendar every month. Supply your names of choice with your order, and you will receive a twelve-month calendar with a personalized photo for every single month. This calendar runs for a full year beginning with the month that you choose. For example, if your anniversary is in May, you can give the gift of this personalized romance calendar to your spouse and it will take you through your anniversary month of the following year.

Imagine a January snow storm with your names written across the snowy windshield of your car. Celebrate your anniversary with a champagne bottle sporting a personalized label, like the July photo will depict. Write your names on a sand castle with beach pebbles or use sidewalk chalk to pay tribute to your love on your favourite walking path. December is especially sweet, with your names in twinkle lights hanging above a busy city street. And we particularly like the March photo where your names are sprinkled with cinnamon across the foamy surface of a steaming latte.

Love shouldn't just be recognized on those special holidays. Celebrate your love all year long with this personalized romance calendar. Give one to your hubby to hang in his office so he can think of you throughout his busy work days. Or present one to your wife so that she can track her busy family's schedule with a constant reminder of your devotion to her. This is the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, anniversaries or "just because". Any day is the right day to say "I love you"!



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