Give the Gift of Fame with a Personalized Magazine Cover
Everyone relishes the idea of fifteen minutes of fame, but notoriety is fleeting at best and for most of us, never occurs at all. Wouldn't it be great if you could give fame and fortune as a gift to the deserving few on your list? The fortune may be tough, but you can indeed give the gift of fame, with your recipient's mug gracing the cover of his favourite magazine. Fame now comes to the average Joe, but your Joe is sure to feel like a celebrity when he sees his face on his favourite publication.

Just imagine your husband, sister or Mum grinning at you from the cover of your favourite magazine. Picture a copy of "Forever: The Wedding Magazine" with a newly married couple from your own social circle gracing the front. How about your favourite guy looking macho and athletic on the cover of his favourite football or golfing mag? What a perfect keepsake for someone's birthday, retirement, wedding or graduation. And because there are numerous magazines to choose from, your recipient will be able to find one that meets his unique tastes and interests.

Here's how the system works. You purchase a gift package that will be sent directly to your recipient. This package will include all of the different images of magazines that he can choose from and some guidelines on how to choose the best photo for the gift. He will also find an order form, CDR for digital images and an envelope to return the order form and the photo images. Your recipient will mail the information back himself to ensure that he gets the precise magazine cover that he chooses, at no cost to himself. Within a matter of weeks, the personalized magazine cover is sent out, presented in a classy frame that is just perfect for hanging on a wall or sitting on a desk.

The high quality of the production ensures that your gift will be a keepsake that can be enjoyed for many years to come. Anyone on your list will feel like they just got the red carpet treatment when they display their own personalized magazine cover in their home or office. And you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you just brought fifteen minutes of fame to someone special in your life. A star is born.


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