Get Personal and Comfortable with a Giant Fleece Cushion
There are two characteristics that make up a successful gift for kids. The first is the personal touch, since the younger crowd love items that are customized just for them. The second characteristic involves comfort while watching television, reading or working on the next level of their favourite video games. We've got both of these elements covered with this personalized fleece cushion of gigantic proportions. This gift will make the perfect cosy spot for reading a good book, playing a game or watching TV. It will also look great in any kid's room, instantly creating a cosy corner with extreme comfort in mind.

In bold colours and patterns, with the child's name prominently displayed across the front, this cushion will become a favourite spot for a youngster almost instantaneously. And although it is large, it is very transportable, so your recipient can move it from living room to bedroom to accommodate any activity he might be doing. The fabric of these cushions is 100% polyester lambskin fleece for ultimate softness and ease of care. What better place to settle in for a Saturday morning of cartoon viewing in the comfort of your jammies?

This giant cushion is the perfect gift for boys and girls alike, with an assortment of colours and motifs to suit anyone on your list. Boys will love the navy, light blue and denim options with a large star in the centre or a smaller star in a circle at the top. Girls will get to choose from a bright fuchsia or a brighter raspberry with a large heart motif in the centre. Both can have their names printed across the pillow in large block letters of black or red. There will be no mistaking who these giant cushions belong to, although siblings and parents may try to swipe them on occasion to use as their own cosy recliner.

With so many colours and designs to choose from, you can buy one for every child in your household. This is also the ideal gift for grandparents to give to all of their grandchildren in their own favourite colours with the names printed on the surface. And you can have these giant cushions shipped directly to your recipient to delight them when the mail arrives and save you on the shipping costs at the post office. Give a personalized gift that is sure to get plenty of use and enjoyment with a giant fleece cushion. Happy lounging!



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